I'm Dave Williams, and I'm a British nerd-of-most-trades, living in London, England. I build things, I make things work, I ensure that things stay working, and I put things back together when they break.

I keep track of projects, ideas, and the rest of life's ephemera using a personal wiki at wiki.dave.io. It's accessible by the public, and it's the best way to get a high-level idea of what I'm getting up to.

I tweet as @syn, and blog at blog.dave.io about technical stuff, politics, sex and kink positivism, feminism, and anything else that I reckon is worth a long-form write-up.

You can contact me by email at [email protected], use the same email address on Google+ Hangouts, or give me a call via Skype.

If you want to contact me using strong encryption, I generally prefer to use Keybase Chat. If you'd rather use GnuPG, my key is available on my Keybase profile, or you can fetch key ID 0x0D340AF040796AD9 from a public keyserver.