Dave Williams

they / them

I'm a British nerd-of-most-trades, living in London, England. I build things, I make things work, I keep them working, and I put them back together when they break.

I tweet as @syn, toot as @[email protected], and write at blog.dave.io about topics I consider worth a longform piece.

You can email me using dave @ this domain, chat with me using Keybase Chat, or give me a call via Skype.

If you want to contact me using strong encryption, I generally prefer to use Keybase as its native cryptography is both strong and concise, and works both for email and for realtime chat.

If you'd rather use GnuPG, my key is available on my Keybase profile, or you can fetch key ID 0x385FD3CEF5E5C6EC from keys.openpgp.org.

I am non-binary, and have written a brief primer about what that means.